Neutral Moresnet: once upon a time..

Once upon a time, European borders were uprooted once more.   After Napoleontic times in this case.  The Vienna Treaty left a tiny 3.5 km2 parcel of land between the United Kingdom of the Netherlands and Prussia unresolved.

Noone would have ever cared, if there had not been a productive zinc mine on this parcel.  Moresnet as it was called, was left as a neutral stretch for the time being, and careful negotiations began.

The zinc mine, however, was exhausted before the issue was resolved.   For a while, the international Esperanto movement had great plans with stateless neutral Moresnet.

After the first world war, there were more important things on people’s minds and Moresnet was assigned to Belgium.

Read more on wikipedia.  Unfortunately,  the small museum is down for moving.